The Academy

The Academy of Chinese Martial Arts & Well Being, LLC (formerly known as MadCity Wing Chun Kwoon) was founded in January 2005. It is unlike any other martial arts school in Wisconsin due to the teachers' experiences while training overseas under various Chinese masters.

Our training methods blend the ancient with the modern. We keep an open mind to all techniques and methods of training but never lose sight of what has been proven effective over the centuries.

For us, the student's self development is as important as the development of their physical skills. All the classes taught at the academy allow the student to develop both simultaneously, expanding their physical and mental abilities to a point where it has a positive impact on all areas of their life.

Whether you are interested in traditional Gung Fu or Qi Gung, non-traditional self defense, or are looking for an enriching activity for your children, we would be honored to be your guides on your journey to unlocking your true potential.

We invite you to explore this site, get to know us and what we are about, and then take the first step to change your life for the better. Call us or sign up online for your free 2-weeks trial seession.

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