The Teachers

Head Instructor Ben has been studying several Asian martial art systems for over 15 years under various masters. With his international experience he is well qualified to introduce Madison's diverse population to the amazing world of Chinese martial arts.
Ben holds a Master's degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering and currently works on his PhD.

Assistant Instructor Sihing Josh Noreuil has had many years of experience in a number of martial arts systems before starting his Wing Chun study with Ben. He is currently pursuing a degree in law.

Assistant Instructor Sihing Todd Gruber has studied Wing Chun in Salt Lake City, UT before continuing his studies with Ben. Todd has received a PhD in Biochemistry in 2009.

Assistant Instructor Sihing Mike Thompson has studied Wing Chun with Ben for several years. He is co-responsible for teaching our youth program. Mike holds a Master's degree in Psychology.

Assistant Instructor Sijay Lisa Keefe-Thompson began training with Sifu Ben in 2005. She received her Basic Instructor certification from Ben in 2012. Being both shorter and often the only woman in class has taught her how to adapt her Wing Chun to compensate for where she is weaker and to recognize and play to her strengths very well. Lisa has explored other martial arts such as: Judo, Tai Chi and Escrima. She sees herself now not as simply a person who does a martial art, but as developing into a martial artist.

Assistant Instructor Sihing Kurt Boyd has been training in Wing Chun since 2005 and received the rank of Basic Instructor in 2012. Together with Sihing Mike, Kurt is co-responsible for the youth-program. His best attributes are his passion and curiosity for Wing Chun. Kurt also likes to seek out the philosophy behind Wing Chun techniques, the "why" of the techniques. In his work a day world Kurt has been an IBEW electrician since 1989, married since 1992 and a father since 1997. Kurt values family above all and that includes his gung fu family too.

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