Wing Chun Gung Fu

Wing Chun Kuen
Wing Chun Kuen

There are probably as many reasons why Wing Chun is the most popular Martial Arts system as there are practitioners, but the most convincing ones are Wing Chun's simplicity and effectiveness.

Wing Chun Students

Ben with some of his Wing Chun students

Wing Chun is a relatively young Martial Art, aimed to teach a student to effectively defend him/herself in a short time span. Whether you are completely new to Martial Arts or an experienced martial artist, Wing Chun is a complete system that will widen your horizon, improve the quality of your everyday life, and make you feel safe again.

Wing Chun is a practical and devastating fighting system based on principles from physics and body mechanics. The techniques are very simple, yet effective and can be applied in a variety of situations and therefore do not require the student to learn a specific technique for every possible situation.

Master Juerg Ziegler in action

Master Juerg Ziegler in action

Wing Chun is a close quarters martial art, which is very direct, without the need for fancy moves, leaps and kicks, but aims on economy of movement with simultaneous defense and attack. A Wing Chun practitioner does not oppose a stronger force directly, but redirects it to his/her advantage, without the need of using much of his/her own energy.

Watch a clip of Sai's recent Wing Chun Chi Sao match in Chicago. You might want to watch it in slow motion to see what's really going on!!

Practice of Wing Chun improves co-ordination, fitness, flexibility, muscle tone, weight reduction, self defense ability, self confidence and much more.

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