Youth Program

Youth Program
Youth Program

Wing Chun classes adapted for the younger martial artist.

Traditional values such as respect, self discipline and perseverance are woven into the classes which balance the serious practice of a martial art with the fun of learning new skills in a safe and friendly environment.

The physical and mental aspects of Wing Chun will assist the children in other activities as well as in school. Increased fitness, co-ordination and speed come naturally with practice. Of course regular practice will lead to an increased awareness and the ability to defend themselves if they are forced into a physical confrontation. These benefits will in turn increase children's self-confidence and self-esteem.
Our classes are intentionally kept small so that each child can enjoy direct contact with the instructor, and the other kids in class.

Youth Program class

Youth Program Instructor Michael has extensive instructional experience as a sports coach from elementary through college level, as well as the Australian Army. He is also the proud father of an eight year old son. His background makes him ideally suited to teaching the kids classes.

Please read the "Top 5 Reasons To Enroll Your Child In A Martial Arts Class," and see what other people think about martial arts for children.

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