FAQ - frequently asked questions  
General Information
Do you offer Instructor Certification
Do you offer private instruction?
Do you offer seminars?
How much do the classes cost?
Qi Gung
How long does it take to learn all the 18 sets?
Is Qi Gung similar to Tai Chi? Yoga?
What are the benefits of Qi Gung?
What is Qi Gung?
Self Defense
What is Self Defense?
Why do I need Self Defense classes?
Why would I rather take Self Defense classes over Wing Chun Gung Fu?
Wing Chun
How long does it take to learn the complete art?
Are there any kicks in Wing Chun?
Are Wing Chun attacks only straight in?
Does Wing Chun have any groundfighting?
How many forms are in Wing Chun?
Is the re qi gong involved in Wing Chun?
Is Wing Chun a good martial art for women?
Is Wing Chun an internal art?
What is Chi Sao?
Youth Program
What is the "Youth Program"
What is the minimum age for the Youth Program?
Why should I enroll my child in a martial arts class?